Friday, April 20, 2007

Poor Jay Heaps

In the span of four games (albeit over two seasons), the New England Revolution defender has seen his penalty kick blocked to clinch the Houston Dynamo's MLS Cup title and taken a nasty elbow from Columbus' Andy Herron.

Annnnnd ... suspension!

Virginia Tech tributes

So far, two MLS teams have lined up to memorialize the Virginia Tech shooting victims: the Houston Dynamo, which is wearing a special jersey, and DC United, which has yet to announce its plans.

If it was up to me, I'd have DC in a full-on Virginia Tech kit for one game, with the United shield on the left chest. Of course, VT might object to a Sierra Mist logo on their shirt ...

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Two things

First off, I've been doing a lot of work for Soccer New England lately. Check them out, and quick -- it's your last chance to catch head writer Andrew Hush before he moves on to really big things.

Second, this blogging really is a joy. No editors, no deadline pressure, and all the freedom in the world to add whatever multi-media junk I feel like. No wonder this is getting so popular. Photos? OK! Videos? OK! Podcasts? OK!

This rules.

So does this. I'm reasonably sure it's the Jumbotron feed from a big high school baseball game in Japan, but I have no idea:

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Still on the Galaxy ...

Good stuff on Kanell17's Revolution Fan blog. I might have to steal the idea of the poll on the right side.

David Beckham writes like a 10-year-old

But you have to love the accent, and the sentiment.

... and the long version. "Ten lions, one stupid little boy."

... and the cameo. Amazing. "I was only trying to teach an old dog new tricks."

Most pointless "highlight" video ever?

I'd say so. Sadly, this is probably just the beginning -- get ready for 24/7 Kevin Durant and Greg Oden as soon as the NBA season ends.

57-1 ... wow

Bridgewater State College beat Newbury College by that score in baseball early this week. The record-setting game made papers from Florida to California, but I didn't see much outrage (I'm guessing that has yet to come) or decent reporting about it (other than, of course, my own).

I'm surprised on both counts, to be honest. Usually, situations like this end up in self-righteous screaming about embarassment, running up the score and sportsmanship. Here, all I've really seen is the same re-printed AP story. Odd.