Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Bloggers REALLY hate the Globe

And they're just taking the bait this time.

Dan Shaughnessy, the hated columnist du jour (du decade? du lifetime?), published a mock chat session on Curt Schilling's blog in the paper yesterday. Schilling, of course, fired back (has anyone so thick ever been so thin-skinned?) and was joined by the multitudes who are just happy their bloody-socked hero is typing RIGHT TO THEM, WOW!

Nobody is in the right here. Shaughnessy makes his point, but then proceeds to massivly over-make it, and is clearly only looking for a response. Equally self-centered Schilling provides it, calling the columnist a nickname invented by the same Wicked Sawx Dude! types Shaughnessy mocks. And the others (not that FJM -- a great read -- is necessarily among them) are just feeding the egos of a few guys who couldn't give a damn about them.

Everyone knew Schilling's blog would come under fire by reaction-minded "old media" types. Here's the thing: It's not real fire! Shaughnessy can be a great writer, but, here, he's essentially a bad guy in the WWF. The outrage he's getting is nothing but good for him, and the extra attention (as if he needs it) Schilling is getting is nothing but good for him. The people being angry at Shaughnessy and giving die-hard support to Schilling get nothing, other than a potential coronary.

If you don't like the guy -- the one writing the column, or the one writing the blog -- just stop reading. It's that simple.

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prof_matson said...

I thought Shaughnessy's piece was classic "old media" reaction, not well done, and just sad, really. I'm posting about it on the class blog.